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Board Minutes



Tuesday, 7 January 2020

The President, noting that a quorum was established, called the meeting to order at 5.35 pm.   All board members were present, as was Gilbert Stockton.

Secretary’s Report 

The Board accepted the minutes of the December General Assembly and Board meeting.

Treasurer’s Report

The Treasurer explained that, due to computer issue, he was unable to present the financial report. 

New Business

Ending ½ price for mentee

It was unanimously decided to end offering ½ price for mentee playing at QTs Thursday’s game since that incentive never really brought the expected results.

Disbursement for Charities

The President will be calling the 3 charities to which QTs had given last year and inviting them for QTs Anniversary Party on 17 March.  The checks will be presented to them if they are able to attend.  Otherwise they will be mailed to them after the party.

Future Cruises

A board member suggested replacing the annual cruise by a different activity such as a week in a resort, but the response was not positive.   Jack said he no longer wanted to be involved with the organization of future cruises and suggested that one or two QT members could take over what he has been doing during past years.

Special games with extra points

A list of dates for these special games was shown to the Board and is attached to these minutes.

Next Meeting

The next meeting of the Board is scheduled for Tuesday, 4 February.

The meeting was adjourned at 6.10 pm. 

Tentative 2020 Calendar for Quick Tricks
Tuesday Thursday Saturday
2-Jan Junior Fund 4-Jan Junior Fund
7-Jan Junior Fund 9-Jan Junior Fund 11-Jan Junior Fund
14-Jan Junior Fund 16-Jan Junior Fund 18-Jan Junior Fund
21-Jan Unit STaC 23-Jan Unit STaC 25-Jan Unit STaC
28-Jan Junior Fund 30-Jan Junior Fund 1-Feb ACBL-Wide Intl Fund
4-Feb Ed Foundation 6-Feb Ed Foundation 8-Feb Ed Foundation
11-Feb Ed Foundation 13-Feb Ed Foundation 15-Feb Ed Foundation
18-Feb Ed Foundation 20-Feb Ed Foundation 22-Feb Ed Foundation
25-Feb Ed Foundation 27-Feb Ed Foundation 29-Feb Ed Foundation
3-Mar Club Champ-Quarterly 5-Mar Club Champ-Quarterly 7-Mar Club Champ-Quarterly
10-Mar Charity CC 12-Mar Charity CC 14-Mar Charity CC
17-Mar Unit STaC (Annv Party) 19-Mar Unit STaC 21-Mar Unit STaC
24-Mar Club Rated 26-Mar Club Rated 28-Mar Club Rated
31-Mar Club Champ-Special 2-Apr Charity CC 4-Apr No Game (Sectional)
7-Apr Charity CC 9-Apr Charity CC 11-Apr Charity CC
14-Apr Club Rated 16-Apr Club Rated 18-Apr Club Rated
21-Apr Charity CC 23-Apr Charity CC 25-Apr Charity CC
28-Apr Charity CC 30-Apr Charity CC 2-May Grass Roots
5-May Grass Roots 7-May Grass Roots 9-May Grass Roots
12-May ICCG Game 14-May Grass Roots 16-May Grass Roots
19-May Grass Roots 21-May Grass Roots 23-May Grass Roots
26-May Grass Roots 28-May Grass Roots 30-May Grass Roots
2-Jun NAP 4-Jun NAP 6-Jun NAP
9-Jun NAP 11-Jun ICCG Game 13-Jun NAP
16-Jun Club Champ-Quarterly 18-Jun Club Champ-Quarterly 20-Jun Club Champ-Quarterly
23-Jun The Longest Day 25-Jun NABC Fundraiser 27-Jun NABC Fundraiser
30-Jun NABC Fundraiser 2-Jul NAP 4-Jul NAP
7-Jul NAP 9-Jul NAP 11-Jul NAP
14-Jul Club Champ-Quarterly 16-Jul Club Champ-Quarterly 18-Jul Club Champ-Quarterly
21-Jul Charity CC 23-Jul Charity CC 25-Jul Charity CC
28-Jul NAP 30-Jul Club Rated 1-Aug NAP
4-Aug NAP 6-Aug NAP 8-Aug NAP
11-Aug NAP 13-Aug ICCG Game 15-Aug Charity CC
18-Aug District STaC 20-Aug District STaC 22-Aug District STaC
25-Aug Charity CC 27-Aug NAP 29-Aug Club Rated
1-Sep Intl Fund 3-Sep Intl Fund 5-Sep Intl Fund
8-Sep Intl Fund 10-Sep Intl Fund 12-Sep Intl Fund
15-Sep ICCG Game 17-Sep Intl Fund 19-Sep Intl Fund
22-Sep Intl Fund 24-Sep Intl Fund 26-Sep Intl Fund
29-Sep Intl Fund 1-Oct Club App Swiss Teams 3-Oct Club Rated
6-Oct Unit STaC 8-Oct Unit STaC 10-Oct Unit STaC
13-Oct Club App 15-Oct Club App 17-Oct Club App
20-Oct Club App 22-Oct Club Rated 24-Oct Club App
27-Oct Charity CC 29-Oct Charity CC 31-Oct Charity CC
3-Nov Charity CC 5-Nov Charity CC 7-Nov Charity CC
10-Nov Club Champ-Quarterly 12-Nov Club Champ-Quarterly 14-Nov Club Champ-Quarterly
17-Nov Unit STaC (WB Party) 19-Nov Unit STaC 21-Nov Unit STaC
24-Nov Club Rated 26-Nov No Game 28-Nov Club Rated
1-Dec Club Rated 3-Dec Club Rated 5-Dec Club Rated
8-Dec Charity CC 10-Dec Charity CC 12-Dec Charity CC
15-Dec District Ch (Holiday) 17-Dec Club Champ-Special 19-Dec District Charity
22-Dec Club Rated 24-Dec No Game 26-Dec Membership
29-Dec Membership 31-Dec Membership