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Board Minutes




Meeting of the Board of Directors
May 3, 2020


President Jim Miller called the meeting to order at 5 pm.  Participation was on ZOOM internet platform.  In attendance were Jim Miller (JM), Sy Karlin (SK), Bill Nussbaum (BN), William Leh (WL), Jack De Crescente (JDC), and Jesse Laird (JL).  Marie-Alice Fombrun (MF) participated via telephone for a portion of the meeting.  Gilbert Stockton (GS) joined the ZOOM meeting already in progress.


The meeting addressed recent confusion regarding payment of the four online directors in partnership with Fort Lauderdale Bridge Club.  JM clarified proper procedural and communications issues to the QT board.  He also noted that he also communicated such clarifications to Fort Lauderdale Bridge Club (FLBC).


MF submitted her resignation to JM, who accepted it.  Jesse will announce the change via email to club members.


JM indicated that QT offered to pay $500 to two online directors: Jesse Laird and Gilbert Stockton.  JL felt that such a move should not be taken.  FLBC has resisted paying the directors, claiming that it wont do so until it receives revenues from online tournaments from ACBL.  Directors asked JL if GS agreed.  Once contacted by JL, GS joined the meeting and expressed his concurrence.  Part of the discussion dealt with the confusion that may be caused by QT advance payments without being contractually involved.  The matter of payment was then tabled.


Replacement of the secretary was discussed.  Strong preference should be given to adding a female board member.  Several potential candidates were discussed.  WL noted that he would wish to be considered for the position, so that a new board member could assume the Parliamentarian position.  WL agreed to draft minutes of the May 3rd meeting.


The next board meeting will be held on June 7th at SKs home at 5 pm.  There being no further items brought before the board, the meeting adjourned at 5:45 pm.


Respectfully submitted.