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Board Minutes


Board of Directors Meeting

AUGUST 2, 2020


Attending via ZOOM: Jim Miller (JM), Sy Karlin (SK), Bill Nussbaum (BN), Joanne Melville (JMe), Jack deCresente (JdC), William Leh (WL), Gil Stockton, and Jesse Laird (JL).


There being a quorum present, JM called the meeting to order at 5:00 pm.


WL proposed that the Minutes of the previous meeting - as emailed and corrected be approved.  JMe seconded the motion.  Passed unanimously.


BN presented financial reports.  JM moved and WL seconded a motion to approve.  Passed unanimously.


JMe opened discussion about BBO masterpoint limits on games.  There is interest in running more limited games.  JL explained that ACBL will be modifying its regulations regarding the award of points for open games.  QT and FLBC will explore adding new games once these regulations have been approved.


JM is exploring move of QT website hosting to Bridgeworks, which FLBC uses.  New site can be accessed at  A trial version can be studied before making decision.  Board members will need to be trained.  JM expressed interest in reducing liability due to only one person able to change current website content.  JM moved and WL seconded motion that IT person be engaged to train board members and that we run parallel websites for a period of time.  Motion pssed.


Annual meeting may need to be conducted via ZOOM.  We may need to call an emergency meeting to allow current officers to continue serving into 2021.


The next board meeting will be held via ZOOM on Sunday Sept. 6, 2020 at 5 pm.  JdC moved and WL seconded a motion to adjourn, which passed.