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Board Minutes


Attendees: Jim Miller (JM), Sy Karlin (SK), Bill Nussbaum (BN), William Leh (WL), Joanne Melville, (JMe), Jack DeCresente (JdC), Jesse Laird (JL), Dale and Paul Jacobson

Sunday, June 7, 2020 via ZOOM

At 5:15 pm, JM called the meeting to order, noting that a quorum was present. WL moved that minutes previously distributed via email be accepted. Unanimous approval. 

BN presented financial reports. Particularly noted were BBO online receipts and payment to JL for website administrative duties. SK moved and JM seconded motion to approved report. Unanimous approval.

Longest Day:  FLBC, Pompano, and QT have agreed that all net BBO proceeds be donated to Alzheimer’s Association. Over the 2 days, net proceeds to be donated will be $3.63 per play (for $6 fee) and $5.18 per play (for $8 fee). WL moved and SK seconded motion to join with other clubs. Unanimously accepted. 

The board decided to cancel the 2021 cruise.  JMe 
contacted Bob Dugan of Sun Sea Travel.  He was not surprised QT was cancelling the 2021 cruise.  He will contact the 10 or so people that put deposits down for refund or apply to future cruise.

Reopening club:  JL noted other clubs that have attempted reopening have not been successful. Resuming play at the club would no doubt obligate QT to pay rent. QT falls under PHASE 3 Guideline issued by Broward County. As such, reopening is not feasible in the near future. Possible future considerations may involve selling Bridge Boxes and masks to members.

FLBC financial situation was discussed. There is a contingency fund that can cover several months of continued closure. The board expressed its willingness to consider emergency support for FLBC in the future. 

WL moved and SK seconded a motion to adjourn at 6:05 pm. Approved unanimously. 

NEXT MEETING: Sunday July 5, 2020 at 5 pm.